Mansfield Energy

Hydraulic Workover / Snubbing Unit


• Certification: Units engineered to comply with latest regulatory requirements.

• Size Range: Standalone jack type unit in size 150klbs, 225klbs, 340lbs, and 460klbs are configurable as “quick rigs” for maximum efficiency.

• Maximum Capacity: Lift to 460klbs, snub to 230klbs and rotary torque to 22500 ft-lbs.

• Well Challenges: Capable of handling surface pressure above 15000 psi, H2S, CO2 & HPHT.

• Tubular Capacities: Run tubing, drill pipe, casing & completion accessories in sizes from 2 ¾” up to 9 5/8” OD.

• BHA & Pipe Handling: Units feature 10 feet access work window with bores to 13 5/8” manual or powered pipe for make up/break out system for tubular running or BHA’s completion component handling.

• Gin-pole Series: Ranging 3klbs, 5klbs & 10klbs hanging load and with the largest gin-pole having a third BHA winch with 8.5klbs lifting capacity.

• Slip Bowls: Handle pipe sizes from 2 ¾” up to 9 5/8”. Features powered slide plate system to accommodate the passage of large OD tools.