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Liner Hanger Systems


Cemented Liner Systems

Mechanical Hanger Assemblies
Mechanical Hanger Assembly consists of the mechanical set liner hanger which is run in combination with a separate or integral setting collar / liner top packer. The liner swivel can be fitted to the assembly when running in highly deviated wells in which rotating to set the liner may be a problem.

Mechanical Liner Hanger
Mechanical Liner Hanger is versatile completion tool that is mechanically set by manipulating the running-in string. The design of the hanger allows the operator to set and release the hanger a number of times if necessary. Various models are available for different liner length and weight

Hydraulic Hanger Assemblies

Hydraulic Liner Hangers
Hydraulic Liner Hanger is ideally suited for highly deviated holes at any depth where liner rotation can not effectively set a mechanical type hanger. The liner hanger models are designed with different load capacity for short, long and heavy liners.

Setting Collars
Setting Collars are run above the liner hanger for the purpose of carrying the liner weight and engagement of the setting tool while running-in the hole. They also serve as a tool entry guide after completion.

Setting Collars with TBR
A tie back receptacle (TBR) is standard for optimal installation on a tie back packer or seal nipple.

Rotating Liner Hangers

Hanger with Liner Top Packer 

Liner Top Tie Back Packer 

Landing Collar

Float Equipment

Pipe Dart and Liner Wiper Plug 

Cement Manifolds 

Cementing Packer Shoe 

BH PBR and BH Seal Nipple 

Setting Tools 

Pack Off Seal System

Slotted Liner Systems


Tight Liner Assembly
This is otherwise known as slotted liner assembly. Slotted liner is installed in an oil well casing to serve as a strainer against the passage of sand into the production fluid.

Sand Control Adapters (SCA) with Liner Hanger
Sand control adapters prevent formation sands from entering the well bore and serve as a liner top tool entry guide. Liner hangers are generally run on the liner top and incorporate a packer seal element.

Liner Hangers with Integral Packers 

Liner Drill-In Tools
Drill-in assembly is used when drilling in a new liner with or without a pilot or previously drilled hole. The assembly includes a bit on bottom of the drill-in shoe and a drill-in adapter on the liner top.

Drill-In Shoe and Circulating Shoe
Drill-in shoe is used when drilling in a liner with a bit on bottom. Circulating Shoe is ideal for circulating soft formation fill while running liner in or changing over well bore fluids once on bottom.

Horizontal Liners-One Trip Mechanical 

Model B and BR Liner Top Packer 

Horizontal Liners Two Trip 

Drill-In Adapter
Hydraulic Drill-In Adapter transfers torque from the drill string through the liner assembly down to the shoe or bit. The adapter was designed for excessive torque in certain formations and downhole conditions that make drilling difficult.