Mansfield Energy

Wellbore Cleanup



Tough boyTM Casing Scraper
Tough BoyTM Casing Scrapers are designed to provide 100% coverage of the inner wall of casing and liners ensuring the effective removal of mud cake, cement sheath, pipe scale and shot burrs. The Tough BoyTM is recommended for all drilling applications and clean-out / displacement assemblies.

Tough boyTM PerfBurr Cutter
Perfburr Cutter is designed to remove perforation burrs with carbide coated blades. It is installed in the bottom slots of the “Tough Boy” scraper to ensure safe passage of completion equipment in perforated areas of casing and liners.

Tough boyTM Brush Tool
Brush Tools are designed to provide 100% coverage of the inner walls of casings and liners. The brush blade design provide contact at all angles of inclination and maybe oriented pin up or pin down.

Tough boyTM Magnet Tool
Magnet Tool is high temperature resistant and creates a magnetic field designed to optimize the capture of ferrous particles

Jet Tools
Jet Tools efficiently remove attached solids by directing jet forces to BOP, riser and casing wall. The number of nozzles and direction of flow can be configured to accommodate surface equipment and hydraulic concerns.

Riser Waste Retrieval Tool
Riser Waste Retriever Tool is a large capacity debris-capturing tool. This riser tool was designed in recognition of the fact that even at high pump rates only relatively low annular velocities are achieved in the riser.


Filter Tool
Filter Tool is designed to capture particulate matter that has been dislodged as a result of a successful wellbore clean-out operation.  The tool consists of a large capacity screen basket used to filter the wellbore fluid. All fluid and dislodged debris above this tool is diverted through the filter jacket, retained and removed from the wellbore. 

Circulating Tool
Circulating Tool consists of ports which can be repeatedly opened and closed for optimal fluid path when washing debris from casing.

Combo Magnet Jet Tool
Combo Magnet Jet Tool allows operators to jet the area above and below the wear bushing and retrieve any shavings or metallic debris with the magnets above jet nozzles.

Flow Check Sub
Flow Check Sub is designed to check flow while maintaining work string annulus communication below. The sub directs fluid flow when run with cleanup tools.