Mansfield Energy

Zonal Isolation


SwellFix Packer
SwellFix Packer is a multi-element high performance packer designed to provide extreme flexibility with respect to swell duration and fluid compatibility as it allows water and oil swell elements to be used in combination. The packer operates in temperatures from 0°C to 200°C and up to a 10,000 psi pressure differential.

SwellFix Sleeve
SwellFix Sleeve is a multi-element sleeve designed with the same high performance compounds as the SwellFix Packer. The dual elements provide flexibility allowing oil, water or a combination of swell elastomers to be utilised.

SwellRight Packer
SwellRight Packer is single element packer designed to provide high performance over short element lengths. After swelling the element maintains flexibility and reacts to subsequent changes in the wellbore geometry. The packer is available as an oil or water swelling elastomer in a range of sizes.

SwellRight Sleeve
SwellRight Sleeve is a slide-on, swellable sleeve available as an oil or water swelling elastomer. SwellRight sleeves are primarily intended for fast turnaround and low cost applications. The sleeves are available in a range of sizes or custom-designed specifically for the well requirements.