Mansfield Energy

Sand Exclusion and Production Optimization


Direct Wrap Screens with Inflow Control Device [ICD]
Direct Wrap Screen consists of a wire jacket that is shrink-wrapped directly to the perforated basepipe.  The inflow control device (ICD) is designed to ensure uniform production from the  entire length of the horizontal well and also delay water and gas breakthrough.

Wire Wrapped Screens
Wire Wrapped screens have a unique shrink fit design. The wire jacket is shrink-wrapped directly to the perforated basepipe enabling the screen and base pipe to behave as one unit. All external forces on the screen are transferred to the base pipe.

Prepacked Screens
Prepacked screens are an excellent choice for marginal reservoirs requiring economical sand control options, especially when conventional gravel packing is not feasible.

Premium Mesh Screens
Premium mesh screens are suitable for nonuniform, high-fines environments. The wire mesh are constructed to provide maximum open area in order to reduce the risk of plugging and allow for unrestricted flow.

Thru Tubing Screens
Thru Tubing screens are suitable for gravel pack and remedial sand control operations. These screens are available for wide range of production tubing sizes from 2-3/8"