Mansfield Energy

Lower Completion Packers


HP/HT Semi Permanent Gas Well Completion Packers

Hydraulic Set Dual Zone Completion Packers
Hydraulic Set Dual Zone Completion Packers are usually run above a single string packer in a dual completion. The compact length of the packer makes it suitable for deviated wells and applications where doglegs are anticipated. It can be readily modified for use as a low pressure packer in submersible pump applications.

Hydraulic Set Isolation Packers

Hydraulic Set Permanent Packers
Permanent Packers enable permanent, high-performance isolation without mechanical setting. The packers are constructed to provide faster run-in without fear of impact damage or premature setting, reducing risk and nonproductive time.

Wireline Set Permanent Packers

Multi Feed Thru Hydraulic Set Packers
Multi Feed Thru Hydraulic Set Packers are designed with multiple control line feed-through ports.  They provide a way to pass downhole tool control lines through the packer while controlling fluid flow and maintaining production zone isolation. The packers are an essential part of intelligent well systems applications.