Mansfield Energy

Artificial Lift Systems


Hydraulic Actuated Gas Lift Valve System
Hydraulic Actuated Gas Lift Valve System include models that can be operated by injection pressure or production pressure. The valves are installed in a normally closed position. The injection gas or the production pressure entering these valves has the necessary opening force to overcome the pre-charged nitrogen in the bellows or the preset spring force of the normally closed position. The gas lift valves have a variety of port sizes, offering a range of selected gas injection volumes and flow rates.

Electrically Actuated Gas Lift Valve
Electrically Actuated Gas Lift Valve has a variable choke size that can be infinitely adjusted from the surface rather than restricted to some number of specific settings.

Side Pocket Mandrel
Side Pocket Mandrel provides communication with the casing annulus and the gas lift valve. The mandrel consists of a pocket with integral tool discriminator and orienting sleeves to allow proper alignment of positioning devices into the side pocket. The mandrels feature porting variations for a range of gas lift applications.