Mansfield Energy

Lower Completion Accessories

Polished Bore Receptacle
Our Polished Bore Receptacle can be used anywhere in the tubing or casing string where a sealing area is required. The polished bore receptacle is used in dual zone gravel packing to isolate the lower zone while gravel packing the upper zone.

Seal Bore Extension
Seal bore extensions are run below packers if the lower bore in those packers will be used for sealing. The extension provides additional sealing bore when a long seal assembly is run to accommodate considerable tubing movement. Seal Bore Extension has the same ID as the corresponding packer seal bore it is run with, ensuring all seals of a long seal assembly seal off in the extension.

Perforated Joint
Perforated joints provide an alternate flow path in the tubing string especially when wireline measuring devices hang in the no-go nipple.

Wash Down Shoe
Wash Down Shoe allows circulation down the workstring and through the washpipe as the completion assembly is lowered into the well. The shoe features check valves to prevent backflow and formation sand from entering the screen or liner ID while running in hole.

Gravel Pack Extension
Gravel Pack Extension incorporates a gravel pack sliding sleeve above the seal bore sub. The housing of the sliding sleeve contains the gravel packing ports and is made up on the upper extension which connects to the bottom of the packer. The lower extension is furnished long enough to allow spacing and positioning of the shifting tool.

Mill Out Extension
Mill Out Extension is always run directly below a packer when a seal bore extension or other tailpipe is run below the packer. Mill out extension is run above the seal bore extension to permit milling over the packer with a milling tool.

Shear Out Safety Sub
Shear Out Safety sub is designed primarily for use in the gravel pack assembly between the extension and the sand screen.
The sub provides a means of releasing and retrieving the packer and gravel pack extension.

Reamer Shoe

Float Equipment